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NMS of Serbia

Weather warnings: Serbia

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Југозападна Србија
Until 05.12.2021 00:00 CET
Fog (Yellow)
Visibility below 200m

Traffics problems (to possible traffic blockade), makes already existing dangerous security situations more complicated (partial or total blocking of rescue actions). Unfavourable conditions for chronically sick, people under therapy, medical control and meteoropaths (fog and low cloud). In terms of negative air temperatures, the objective risk of freezing fog droplets and icing.  
Until 05.12.2021 00:00 CET
Extreme low temperature (Yellow)
Minimum temperature lower than -5°C

The predicted minimum air temperatures are not uncommon but take the necessary measures of protection for outside activities. They are especially dangerous lakes of cold air for longer stay in them. Problems in thermal and electric power supply. Possible risk of freezing water pipes in the backyard and water installations. Unfavourable conditions for chronically sick, people under therapy and medical control or meteoropaths.  
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